Banner Communications, Inc. is a company specifically designed to educate, train and promote performing artists with an allegiance to Jesus Christ. Our mission is to produce creative media that promote community, family and faith.

Banner has three basic thrusts: education, booking and production. Booking involves providing administrative assistance to artists with respect to performances and tours. Production involves actually creating films, television shows, stage performances and musical recordings. The heart of Banner is to provide service based on integrity, excellence and commitment to Jesus Christ.

Banner was established by founder Catrina Frison, as a result of multiple requests by friends and associates to assist them in entertainment career decisions. While working in full-time ministry, it was also realized that many people of faith, while very talented, did not understand business or the inner workings of the industry. With over 30 years of experience in entertainment, Frison believes that Christians can establish successful careers in the arts without compromising their faith. It simply requires proper knowledge and application of the Word of God to the industry.

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